CPDValet: Recover Budget and Time For Your CPD Associations

As a CPD association, would you rather:

A – Spend hours working with software developers every month to make crucial changes to your bespoke software?

B – Have a cloud-based CPD management software that allows you to reallocate time and budget to improving your member experiences, instead?

It’s a no-brainer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common challenges CPD providers face. Then we’ll take a deep dive into how the CPDValet platform can be a game changer for your operations. And we’ll round it all off by showing you how CPDValet will help you to provide a 5-star member experiences. OK, let’s go …



Is your current bespoke CPD software complicated, expensive and time-intensive to manage?

Most CPD associations have a complex bespoke software to manage their offers and their members. But that means a reliance on external vendors, expensive developers and a lot of your team’s time. Administering your own system means you’re constantly maintaining it with security patches, adding changes and trying to keep up with endless upgrades and support.

And if your sector is heavily regulated, CPD rules change repeatedly, often coming with arbitrary deadlines.

However, as a CPD provider, you have to cater for all of these changes, or you could be looking down the barrel of Director liabilities and dissatisfied members.

Every time changes are required to your bespoke system – and then all of your supporting systems – more complexity is piled on.

Sound familiar?



Enter CPDValet

CPDValet is the only SaaS enterprise platform designed for professional CPD organisations to run effective CPD programs.

The platform allows you to quickly configure your CPD rules and have them ready for participants instantly. From there, rule changes are configured easily by business users – without requiring developers. Plus, CPDValet includes all the modern features CPD associations need to run a professional CPD program with smooth operations and delighted members.

With CPDValet, you achieve significant budget and time savings… As well as future-proofed software that keeps you compliant. Watch the video below to see a tour:



CPDValet + Your CPD Association

Once CPDValet is implemented, you can expect significant budget and time savings.

And you’ll see a reduced time-to-market for your CPD offerings – often by up to 10x. Add to that – you’ll see significant revenue increases as your CPD offers are put in front of your members.

CPDValet allows your business users to easily handle rule changes themselves, with just a few clicks. You don’t need to rely on an external agency or developers. So you cut this expense out of the equation entirely. And those challenging regulatory changes and deadlines? CPDValet makes it easy to stay up to date. No need to worry about being non-compliant.

Let’s take a quick look at some more of the benefits you can expect:

  • No more software frustrations: By not having to worry about administering and upgrading your own bespoke software… your team will redirect plenty of their time to improving your member experiences instead.
  • Operations are automated: The system automates many of the tasks your team are used to performing manually, such as annual audits, verification, reporting, member communications and so much more.
  • Reallocate your time and energy to delivering the most compelling content in your industry: CPDValet is future-proofed and continually kept updated with cutting-edge features — without you even having to think about it. Innovations are added to the platform consistently, based on feedback from our customers worldwide. So you know you’re always using the most advanced software possible at any time.
  • Your member satisfaction will increase significantly: CPDValet comes with a mobile app for your members. The app is also highly personalised to each member’s career goals, looks super professional and keeps your members engaged and informed. Members will feel that the CPD program is their own, not just generic. And you’ll see the results in your member surveys!




The CPDValet Implementation Process

As a cloud-based software, CPDValet is impressively simple to implement. In as little as 1-3 months, your brand-spanking new CPD platform is set up and live, increasing your revenue and saving you a bucket load of time.

Here is the simple, step-by-step process you’ll work through:

  1. Configure your CPD rules-based engine. The system is intuitive to use, and CPDValet’s customer success team is there by your side.
  2. Our customer success team trains your team.
  3. Import your member database into CPDValet. Optionally, keep CPDValet synchronised with your business systems through our published APIs.
  4. It’s time to hit the go button and make your new CPD platform live.
  5. Ask your members to download the mobile app, and your CPD platform is live.



How Would CPDValet Look In Your Association?

Would these benefits be a game changer for your CPD Program?:

– Reducing time-to-market for content offers and increasing revenue
– Cutting the expense of developers
– Staying on top of CPD regulatory changes
– Future-proofing your association, while keeping it at the forefront of technology
– Soaring member satisfaction

Book a live demo with our customer success team so we can give you a demo that’s tailored for your CPD environment.

Ready To See A Live Demo?

Book a tailored demo with a CPDValet Customer Success Consultant to learn how the features would work in your association, as well as the revenue uplift and budget savings you can expect.

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