Improve member experience, slash costs & remove the software stress in your CPD association

CPDValet cloud software saves budget and automates your processes, unlocking your team’s time. After all, you’re in the business of managing your members, not technology.

Improve member experience, slash costs & remove the software stress in your CPD association

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Revolutionise your CPD Association

CPDValet is the only SaaS enterprise platform designed to help associations run effective CPD programs. With CPDValet, your business users can configure your CPD rules easily. That removes the need for expensive developers every time you need a change.  

Promote personalised professional development opportunities that align with each member’s career goals. Automate your annual audits to eliminate hours of manual work. Send messages to support your members. Get instant insights & analytics on demand.

Plus, user-friendly capabilities like a mobile app, dashboards, learning plans, reminders, and completion certificates create meaningful member experiences. 

With CPDValet, you achieve significant budget and time saving, with a future-proofed software that keeps you compliant

Save budget. Save time

Eliminate the need for external developers. Making system changes in CPDValet requires just a few clicks. As a result, it’s easy to keep up with regulatory changes.

Plus CPDValet also automates stacks of manual tasks, such as audits and contacting non-compliant members.

Focus your time and budget on delivering meaningful results for your members.

Increase revenue. Future-proof your association

CPDValet promotes professional development opportunities personalised to each member’s goals. So you’ll see significant revenue increases.

As a SaaS, the platform is continually enhanced with features requested across all other associations using the software.

So your association stays at the cutting edge of technology, without even having to think about it.

Excellent member experiences

The CPDValet mobile app provides your members with a more meaningful learning experience. You’ll see member satisfaction and survey results improve dramatically.

Plus, user-friendly capabilities like a mobile app, dashboards, learning plans, reminders and completion certificates make each member feel like the CPD program is their own.

CPDValet vs bespoke software

Implementing CPDValet will completely revolutionise the way your CPD program is managed …

FeatureBespoke software
Manages your CPD program
Keeps you compliant
Participant Dashboards
Participant Learning Plan
Add activities & upload evidence
Configure CPD without developers
Removes development costs
Automate administration tasks
Works well on mobile devices
Manage exemptions
Detailed insights & analytics
Easy to make CPD rule changes
Consistently updated features
Promote personalised offers to members
Digital completion certificates

Hear it from our customers ...

Niranjan Prabhu

“A wonderful partner of us for several years. Their people are insightful and capable. Our partnership has enabled us to better understand traffic movements during our open day, gain better understanding of space usage and embedded processes and tools to leverage our innovation projects utilising automation. It’s great to be able to work with people that just get us and the education sector.”

Niranjan Prabhu

Chief Information Officer, Australian Catholic University

Ready to see a live demo?

Book a tailored demo with a CPDValet Customer Success Consultant to learn how the features would work in your association, as well as the revenue uplift and budget savings you can expect.

CPDValet: the numbers ...

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CPDValet for your industry

CPDValet software has specific functionality that’s tailored to your
industry, based on our experience with your peers.

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