Advanced features to power your CPD program

CPDValet’s features keep your association ahead of the curve, without requiring developers or taking over your team’s time. 

Advanced features to power your CPD program

How it works

CPDValet is the only SaaS enterprise platform designed for professional CPD organisations to run effective, meaningful CPD programs.

CPDValet removes the software administration burden from your association, while increasing revenue and enhancing member satisfaction. Experience some of CPDValet’s features below.

Configure your CPD rules

Rather than requiring developers to code CPD Rules …

CPDValet empowers business users to configure rules. That makes rule changes super-straightforward – just a few clicks required.

Verification & auditing

CPDValet automates the end-of-cycle verification and annual audits. Checking participant’s completion criteria is  breeze. Easily select & conduct verifications for a cohort. And advise non-compliance to participants directly from the system.

With CPDValet, you’ll eliminate hours of manual work.

Visibility like never before

Get the full picture of your participants’ progress with dashboards and analytics. Drill down on individual members when you need to.

With CPDValet, you’ll monitor trends and learn insights that help you continually improve your members’ results.

Promote offers

CPDValet automatically promotes professional development opportunities that are personalised to each member’s goals.

You’ll increase revenue while enhancing your member experience.

.... and so much more!

CPDValet provides everything you need to deliver an amazing CPD Program:

  • Professional support team
  • Implemented in less than 1 month
  • Simple onboarding for members
  • Collaborate with members through the platform
  • Upload online training content
  • Out-of-the-box APIs to integrate with your business systems
  • Build custom APIs

CPDValet mobile app: Advanced features for your members

Give your members a 5-star user experience with the feature-rich CPDValet mobile app.

Learning Plan & Learning Content

Add Activities & Upload Evidence

Dashboards & Reminders

Completion Certificates

Apply for Exemptions

CPDValet vs bespoke software

Implementing CPDValet will completely revolutionise the way your CPD program is managed …

FeatureBespoke software
Manages your CPD program
Keeps you compliant
Participant Dashboards
Participant Learning Plan
Add activities & upload evidence
Configure CPD without developers
Removes development costs
Automate administration tasks
Works well on mobile devices
Manage exemptions
Detailed insights & analytics
Easy to make CPD rule changes
Consistently updated features
Promote personalised offers to members
Digital completion certificates

Frequently asked questions

You’re in the business of managing your members, not technology. Managing your custom CPD software is expensive and time consuming for your team.

You’re always engaged with costly developers and time-consuming negotiations with vendors. In many associations, it’s an infinite development cycle. That becomes especially problematic when your sector is heavily regulated and CPD rules are changed repeatedly.

CPDValet helps you stay on top of rule changes easily, using the business staff you already have.

Plus, the software is always kept in line with the cutting edge of technology, boosting your association’s professionalism, and increasing member’s satisfaction.

Would that make your life easier?

Once you’ve experienced a live demo of CPDValet, you’ll very quickly understand how much complexity it will remove from your daily operations.

The major issue we see with custom CPD systems are that your team needs to prepare a long list of updates to send to expensive developers. On repeat.

CPD rule changes happen frequently. Every time, alterations are required to all your supporting systems.

At the same time, your members expect modern technology solutions. You need to keep participants happy with contemporary technology that works.

CPDValet takes this stress out of your hands by streamlining updates and keeping the platform at the forefront of technology, resulting in stellar member satisfaction. Gone are the days of costly and time-consuming software developers.

80% of your business processes are likely similar to other associations, and can be easily configured into CPDValet.

Out-of-the-box, the software incorporates the best practices from leading associations, worldwide.

From there, the software is easily tailored for your unique program, and your unique members.

Managing your own bespoke CPD software is expensive. Especially, when you rely on external vendors or developers to manage your platform.

There are endless loops of iterations to your system with security patches, changes to the website, upgrades and support. And you find yourself needing more new features as technology evolves – but again,  these are costly to implement.

In addition to those costs, your team is required to spend time communicating requirements, testing, and implementing each software update.

CPDValet erases more than 90% of these direct, and indirect costs from the time it is implemented.

The overall experience for your members will be vastly improved.

Onboarding is simple – you’ll send an email and they’ll download a mobile app.

The CPDValet app is highly tailored to each member while looking super professional. Members receive personalised professional development recommendations based on their unique career paths and goals.

And insights and dashboards will have each participants feeling that the CPD program is their own – not just a generic CPD.

Hear it from our customers ...

Niranjan Prabhu

“A wonderful partner of us for several years. Their people are insightful and capable. Our partnership has enabled us to better understand traffic movements during our open day, gain better understanding of space usage and embedded processes and tools to leverage our innovation projects utilising automation. It’s great to be able to work with people that just get us and the education sector.”

Niranjan Prabhu

Chief Information Officer, Australian Catholic University

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